What is the Only One Discipline?

The Only One discipline reveals the solution to fully live the present moment in golf / tennis. This discipline allows you to access the State of “flow” in order to exploit all potential of golfer / tennisplayer.

How is it going?

Debuter start through the first exercise according to your test results, continue on how to proceed by the second year, so now until the 5 th year.

We recommend practicing the 5 exercises as often as possible whenever you’ll practice it either to the driving, putting, approaches, on the tenniscourt, the best is to sensitize these exercises so that they become an automatic mechanism. Remember that it is the quality that counts instead of the quantity (better to type e.g. 25 balls, but being aware of the work itself as 50 balls unconsciously).

The 6 th exercise must be done before each shot / point, it is the representation of the 5 continents together.

What brings you the Only One discipline?

More you practice the 6 th exercise ‘Universe intuition’ naturally with each stroke, more you will develop your inner sportsman capabilities and reduce the number of shots of as many bad shots you did too.


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