The travel of the “inside sportsman”

Our method Only One makes it possible to travel through the five emotional continents of the inner sportsman, once the first continent is visited, e.g. : Patience (depending on the result of your tests).

You will continue the journey by visiting the next continent which is indicated to you according to the results of the tests (test of the 5 senses, test of emotional capital) and so on, until reaching the 6th Universal Continent “Intuition” which provides access to the state of Flow.

We wish you a wonderful journey to the heart of yourself thanks to the Only One method.

 Your benefits

1) Optimize your performance to develop your tactical game.
2) Master your internal states to better manage you during a game.
3) Improve your game to make you happy.
4) Open yourself up to other perspectives to exploit all your potential.
5) Reveal your resources to discover your power and motivation.

Video presentation of Golf & Tennis

Video presentation of the 5 emotions


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