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The training brought me a lot mentally. It helped me to be ready and confident before and during my national and international competitions. Thank you very much.

Tom, Professional Golfer
17 years
Handicap +2,2

A big thank you to Dominique and Muriel for allowing me to benefit from this method of coaching “only one moment” that I’m not ready to forget!
I practice the exercises at every workout, it has become a ritual to connect me to the 5 senses that I like very much.
In addition, the exercise “Only one” before each shot is very important, because it allows me to refocus each time.
I’m learning to improve my emotions, little by little, at my own pace.
You are wonderful and I hope to see you again soon
53 years
Handicap 15

Hi Dominique,
A quick note to tell you a big thank you for trusting me by asking me to test the Golf coaching method “Only one”.
As I told you, during our training, I was absent a week in Belle-Ile-en-Mer with contemporaries and I blew them all week thanks to this method!
We talked about hole number 8, which often bore me bad luck, and well you figured I made a birdie in hole number 8.
Breathe, visualize, touch my club, listen to the sounds of the birds and swallow my saliva, then I hit the ball and Wow birdie!
Now the contemporaries also want to do this method!
Thank you for telling me when the method will be online and know that I will continue practicing because it’s good luck.
Best regards
36 years
Handicap 8

Hello Dominique and Muriel,
I come back to you to write a little note about the Golf coaching method that we trained for four weeks with Dominique.
I promised to give news for the next.
It is simply extraordinary, this method of the 5 senses, as well as the management of emotions on the course and in life! Because I do it at home too!
At first I had to make efforts not to distract myself, because my wife is always talking and I tend to get upset.
I stayed calm and I was able to concentrate, almost every time. Even if sometimes I lose confidence again, the most difficult continent for me, I always find pleasure now.
Already in the second continent “patience” I felt relieved, as released from a weight.
I hope to see you again soon to talk about it on your face and still have some advice, because I already play a lot better and I would still like to improve.
Cordial greetings.
55 years
Handicap 27


My son Juliann is passionate about tennis. He is 11 years old and has been playing since the age of 6 and more seriously for 1 year and a half (competition). He is in a tennis competition program at his club and trains 7 hours a week not counting tournaments approx. 2 per month! He is ranked R7 but in the monthly rankings, he has passed R6 since November 2017.
Since this fall, we started the “Only One” program with Dominique Bovey. He shares these classes with another boy of the same level as him. It is an approach that has interested us a lot, since it is personalized according to the player’s personality and sensitivity. Juliann has already traveled to 2 continents: calm and concentration. The next continent will be that of trust. Since this fall, Juliann has progressed enormously and gained in consistency, he is much calmer and much more concentrated.
This was also felt in these results since he is regularly in the final of the tournaments he attends and has recently won 1. These results are the addition of her long hours of training, her willingness, the commitment of her coach but also Ms. Bovey’s mental coaching program which brings her a different approach to her sport, more interior and complete wonderfully the technical side.
With best regards Anne Comte
11 years old

I am convinced that this method helps me for tennis. Since I use it, I feel more comfortable during games, during classes, but also at school. I use this method daily in different areas throughout my day. To study better, during the different sports I do (triathlon, tennis and kickboxing), when I’m angry, to fall asleep, in short, it is part of my everyday life.

Dominique gives me explanations with his own words related to tennis. Then I integrate them and use them as much as possible.

She was able to analyze me, her questionnaire is really very interesting. It helps me to know myself better, to know my strengths and weaknesses.

The areas that are treated are very difficult to manage and often we do not know how to improve. My tennis teacher always tells me that I am not focused, at school, that I am not calm enough and at home, that I am not patient, but no one has ever done anything for me. help because no one knows how to do it!

Fortunately, Dominique helps me in these important areas. I trust him completely. Not only does she know how to talk to me, but I also have a real personal touch with her. I feel like she really understands me. I can call her before and after my matches, she willingly takes time for me and I appreciate this contact out of course.

Here is what I could improve in tennis:

– The breathing exercises help me calm down before and during the matches

– The focus exercises help me to live the match fully, without being disturbed by what surrounds me

– She taught me to manage my inner world and to analyze and perfect it.

– She taught me to take the noises of my surroundings to help me focus

– She taught me to use my stress in my game instead of being afraid of it.

– I feel more sure of myself, I no longer have the “little arm” in tennis

– I’m progressing much faster since I’m his method

Here, I hope that this little testimony will suffice you.

I take this opportunity to give you a little feedback about what Tim does everyday:

Before and during the matches: he does not want to talk to me about it, he would like to tell you it live during the next class.

On the other hand, he uses the breathing exercises every night before sleep and writes the results on a sheet.

“Mom, when I’m breathing, it’s like I’m in my inner world and I do not feel the others who are stressing around me anymore. The breath makes me leave in this world! During games, I close my eyes, I listen to the sound of the ball. “

11 years old

This new method aims to work on the thoughts that go through a person, an athlete during specific moments. It allows, among other things, to focus on the present moment and to be able to fully express its potential in order to achieve maximum performance to perform a task.

In tennis, as in life in general, we know the importance of managing stress, emotions and everything that goes through our head to feel the best possible simply. Many athletes find it difficult to relax completely during competitions and are therefore below their true level during these appointments. The Only-One method allows us to concentrate our thoughts on the person, our feelings, our body so as not to be carried away by the importance of a particular point and to contract “parasitic” thoughts that trigger stress.

What is very interesting in this method is how to work on oneself, to treat each need in a particular order that allows the athlete to detach from his nervousness and doubts. To do this, every aspect of the mind that could possibly be a problem at a given time is analyzed in depth to detect the problem and find solutions by performing all kinds of exercises! Thus, each exercise validated by the athlete and then put in place allows progress in each of the compartments desired.

In short, this method is very progressive and allows you to progress step by step to the rhythm of the athlete. While it takes a little time to acquire and master all the exercises to be performed, but we note the progress as the program with accurate monitoring, allowing continuous progress!

Bastien (pro)
19 years old
N3 (45)

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