The Green Mouse

“The Green Mouse contains the treasures of the golfer / tennisplayer. It symbolises the perfect alchemy of the inner sportsman. Knowledge doesn’t require any tricks, it simply is and that’s all.”

The Green

The green mouse invites us to have a clear perception, to overcome the inner obstacles we encounter during the game of golf / tennis.

The green mouse takes us on a journey across the 5 new continents in the universe of the game, and through exercises and tips, to help us to evolve as golfers / tennisplayer.


The green mouse represents the inner journey that the golfer / tennisplayer is going to make and which requires sincere commitment. The sportsman will be able to gradually decode the anagram of the green mouse as he passes through the continents, until he achieves the state of flow state and stays there for good.

The revelation of the green mouse gives the sportsman the opportunity to discover who he is. It reminds him of his inner strength, which comes from the heart.

The golfer / tennisplayer cannot evolve if he does not break free of his old negative patterns and prejudices. The golfer’s handicap / tennisplayer’s result cannot improve if the inner knowledge is missing. The green mouse helps to get the work done to be in a good position on the golf course / during the tennismatch. There comes a time when the sportsman has to embark on a new journey to reach his own heart.

The green mouse helps to identify the emotional state of the inner sportsman in 9 basic steps
all wrapped in one method.


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