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The real training is that of the spirit and the reconnection with his soul.

If the sportsman ist connected to his soul, he will always play at his highest level. By becoming aware of your internal states that influence your game, you will be better able to control your emotions in order to access the state of flow, which requires a high performance training that you will practice through our unique discipline in the world.

Knowing golf / tennis it’s also meeting your soul and getting to know it. It’s a bit like having a dialogue with oneself, to find an effective compromise to move from the ordinary golfer / tennis world to its state of unlimited performance and access to flow.

The dialogue with his soul allows recognition and control of his emotions during a game of golf / tennis. That’s why by better understanding your unconscious mechanisms, you can change your state of being by naturally aware of each step of golf / tennis.

Video presentation Only One


Watch the video presentation of the golf coaching method.


Watch the video presentation of the tennis coaching method.

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